The Firm is actively engaged in all areas relating to the purchase, development, sale and financing of real estate in the rapidly growing coastal markets of northeast South Carolina. As these areas have experienced a boom in population and development, members of the firm are regularly involved in both simple and complex development, construction and financing transactions for our clients. Among the areas of practice in which we are continually engaged are Residential Transactions and Development, Commercial Transactions and Development, and Due Diligence Investigations.

Members of the Firm are continually involved in negotiating contracts for the sale or purchase of residential real estate in the coastal region, as well as representing sellers or buyers in closing their transactions. Whether the transaction involves primary homes for the permanent residents of this fast growing area, or second and vacation homes for vacationers, members of the Firm are experienced in the issues that commonly arise in such sales.  Single-family homes, condominium units and townhouses all have their own unique problems and areas of potential risk for both the buyers and sellers.

Whether our clients are developing single-family subdivisions that require deed restrictions, or developing condominium projects and drafting their requisite organizational documents, our attorneys are experienced in each phase of such development. From the drafting of land acquisition contracts, to the handling of development and construction financing; from the organization of Homeowners' Associations to the finalization of development documents, the Firm can provide experienced attorneys to help our clients complete a successful development or commercial purchase.

The Commercial Real Estate transactional practice of the Firm is a large component of our real estate work. Members of the Firm are involved extensively in the preparation and negotiation of contracts for the purchase and sale of ongoing businesses, development tracts, hotels, restaurants, office buildings and other commercial properties.

In addition to the contractual issues related to land or building sales, the Firm represents a number of developers, contractors and subcontractors and helps guide them through the many issues relating to real estate development and construction.

We have considerable experience in dealing with, and preparing AIA construction contracts and other related forms and can help clients avoid the more common problems, as well as point out less obvious areas of concern.

The purchase or sale of a going business or commercial real estate involves a unique set of issues for clients. Due Diligence relating to a going concern encompasses a wide range of issues that are not involved in the purchase of land or buildings alone. As with the purchase of any property, the proper preparation of a contract of sale that provides the client with all possible protections is the best safeguard against misunderstandings or outright fraud. We also help our clients compile Due Diligence checklists and assist them in coordinating such investigations as may be necessary.  This process helps insure that they have thoroughly reviewed the business or real property being purchased and avoid surprises to the degree possible.